Stay Accountable to Yourself

For most people, the idea of weight loss comes with an end date. “I want to lose 20 pounds by summer.” You lose those 20 pounds, great job, but then what? Likely story is that over some period of time you go right back to what you were doing before.

In most cases, those 20 pounds are unfortunately back with you, faster than the time you took to lose it. So what is the difference-maker, how are you going to keep that weight off once you lose it?

Consistent, long-term weight loss and healthy eating is most easily maintained when we use accountability tools to keep us on track. Without accountability, we don’t have that little voice saying, “make the right choice, you will be so much happier later.”

So what are these tools?

Here are a few I can think of:

1. Ongoing nutrition coaching – While a challenge or month of coaching helps you get started, it is important to continue with monthly coaching to make sure you are on track. This coaching ensures that you have a person checking in with what you are eating, and helping you work through the hard days. Your coach will help set you up for the continued long term to make the right choices every day.

2. Updating your goals – So you have lost those 20 pounds, i.e reached your goal, whether short or long term. Now what? Revise those goals – always have something to work towards to give you motivation.

3. Accountability partners – Find someone who has some of the same goals as you do. Check in with each other now and then to remind yourselves you’re not alone!

4. Periodic biometrics – Monthly check-in’s allows you to make sure that what you are doing is working. It’s not to make yourself feel bad if you aren’t losing the weight you want, it is just to keep a gauge if you are moving in the right direction with your current eating and activity.

5. Food logging – Tracking your food, whether in an app like MyFitnessPal, or on paper, is another way to be able to see that you are on track, and to allow yourself treats when you have been consistently following your plan.

Remember, one-time weight loss is not really your end goal… your goal is to keep the weight off, to feel good, and to know how to maintain that.