School’s almost out…. Now what?

Some of us may be finishing up a Spring Challenge, some may be brand new members at the gym, some are working hard to achieve fitness goals set at the new year… but for all of us, summer is approaching… and it’s almost here.

Summer for most of us means change. Kids are home from school, schedules are different, there are more nights out with friends, or trips with significant others. Many see this as a reason to delay focusing on your nutrition. “It’s too busy… I’m all over the place and don’t want to start something new… it won’t help anyway because I’m not in my regular routine.” I understand that it can feel overwhelming but in my opinion that is exactly the reason to start, or continue, with an ongoing nutrition program.

With so many moving parts in our busy lives, we need to work on controlling those things that we can control, and nutrition is one of those things. Consistency is key, and having someone hold you accountable (that’s me ?‍♀️) makes summer a great time to get started.

I always tell my clients “if you can just make better choices than you made last month, or last year at this time, you are doing good things for yourself, and that is progress”. Having a customized nutrition program will make these choices much easier for you.

Email me at to set up an intro session… A healthy summer does not mean a boring summer, it just means one where YOU are in control.