What Are You Doing Right?

It has happened to all of us. We set a goal, start working towards the goal… and then, we have a bad day, or a bad week, and we feel like it’s game-over.

Does that one bad day, or one bad week, completely reverse all of the hard work and progress we have made in the days and weeks around it?


Of course not, but people are hard on themselves and quick to focus on the mistakes, which ends up taking a toll on their own motivation and future progress.

For example, I had a client come in for a 2-month follow-up over the summer. During his first month, he had very good progress and some great results in his biometric measurements as well as general well-being.

For this meeting though, he was worried that the family vacation he had just finished had reversed everything and he wouldn’t see good results.

When we dug into what he was actually doing, he told me that he was using the plate method during his vacation for almost every dinner and lunch. He was still drinking his 80 ounces of water and exercising on his usual 4x per week schedule. And yes, he went way off schedule for one day for a crazy family barbecue with all the fixings…

Lo and behold when we did his testing, he realized he had lost pounds, inches and body fat, despite being on vacation.

Turns out he had focused his thoughts entirely on the one-day ‘bender’, forgetting all of the other positive things he had been doing for himself.

If we only pay attention to the one bad day, our default reaction is to want to quit. Instead, we should look at all the other things, big or small, that we are doing right. Make those things the motivation. Build off of those things to see how far you have come.

Your goal is life-long changes, and they don’t happen overnight.